How to Parse Responses From the StackExchange API Using Node.js

Currently, I’m working on a small side project that involves parsing the wiki entries for given tags on StackOverflow. Without going into a ton of boring detail, the task I was trying to complete can be broken down thusly:

  1. Make a request for the wiki entries of one or more tags from the SE API.
  2. Show that data in a Handlebars template
  3. Profit

When I first started tackling this problem, I assumed you consume the API just like any other: using AJAX or the request node package. However, when I started making requests of the API, I kept getting back binary data instead of the JSON I was expecting. After reviewing the API’s documentation, I learned that StackExchange sends back data compressed via either gzip or deflate (depending on the headers sent with the request).

What these means is that you’ll need to decompress the response before you’ll be able to parse it as JSON and use it in your template. I had to do a bunch of digging to figure out the most effective way to do this and here’s what I came up with:

var requestOptions;
var req;

requestOptions = {
  url: '' +

req = request(requestOptions);

req.on('response', function (wikiRequest) {
  var wiki;
  var a;
  var i;
  var buffer;
  var gunzip;

  if (wikiRequest.statusCode === 200) {
    buffer = [];
    gunzip = zlib.createGunzip();


    gunzip.on('data', function (data) {
        // decompression chunk ready, add it to the buffer

    }).on("end", function () {
      // response and decompression complete, join the buffer and return
      wiki = JSON.parse(buffer.join(''));
      // wiki now contains JSON data of API response

In order to use this example, you’ll need to make sure you’ve included the request and zlib modules (zlib is already installed with node and request can be installed via npm install request).

Hopefully, this saves somebody some time and frustration out there. If it does or if you know of a better approach, feel free to let me know.