Helpful Tools for Web Developers: Ruby Fiddle

Recently, I talked about my desire to learn more Ruby to help round out my skill set. Well, if you’ve ever taken up the task of learning a new language, you know that the most difficult part can be getting the proper development environment up and running, especially if you’re trying to run an open source language on a Windows platform. If you’re looking to start messing around with Ruby with out having to install anything, I recommend you check out Ruby Fiddle. It’s basically JsFiddle for Ruby developers and it’s a great way to both tinker with Ruby code and execute some of the examples in the Ruby Koans project I mentioned in an earlier post.

As I’ve messed around with it, I have found a couple of weird issues. First, it appears that the “gistify” button doesn’t work as expected. Second, there’s no way for me to login and save the “fiddles” I make (JsFiddle allows you to do this). Hopefully these issues get fixed soon.