Helpful Tools For Web Developers:

The ability to solve new problems efficiently is the hallmark of a good developer. When interviewing dev candidates, I don’t necessarily look for their experience with a particular framework or API. Most of the time, I’m looking at how they go about approaching a problem they’ve (most likely) never seen before. You’ve probably encountered questions like ”write a function that finds x number in the Fibonacci sequence or the ubiquitous FizzBuzz puzzle. These questions and others like it are designed to give the interviewer insight into how youthink about a problem and the kinds of solutions you’ll come up with.

As a developer, the frustrating part about being judged on my problem solving skills is that I find such skills difficult to improve. Problem solving is a skill that improves by, well, solving problems. While books can certainly be helpful in making you a better problem solver (here’s one I’ve recommended), what you really need to do is to find a resource that allows you to hammer away at as many programming problems as you can handle: Code Wars. Code Wars allows you to progress through a series of increasingly difficult programming puzzles in whatever language you’d like. I highly recommend it for devs looking to improve their problem solving skills.