Adding Shift+Click Multi-Select Capability to the SuperBoxSelect Plugin

When I began using the SuperBoxSelect plugin at work, things went from good to awesome pretty damn quick. SuperBoxSelect offers a lot of great features that standard combo boxes don’t as well as directly integrating with the rest of ExtJS so you can do cool things like tie them to a JsonStore and write custom event handlers. Unfortunately, this plugin does support a commonly used feature among standard combo boxes: Shift+Click Selection.

Adding It In

Lucky for us, adding this feature is straight forward:

beforeadditem: function(self, recordValue) {
    var start = 0; // Holds the index of the first item we clicked on
    var end = 0; // Holds the index of the last item we clicked on
    var record = this.findRecord(this.valueField, recordValue);
    var recordIndex =;
    if(window.event.shiftKey) {
        // Prevents the combo box from collapsing when we start selecting items
        this.multiSelectMode = true;
        // We haven't already chosen an item using shift + click
        if(this.firstChoiceIndex == undefined) {
            // Store the index of the item we clicked
            this.firstChoiceIndex = recordIndex;
            // Style the item to show it's been selected
            // Return false to prevent the item we selected from being added to
            // the list of selected items
            return false;
        } else { // We've already got a first item selected
            // Store the item we just selected as the second item
            this.secondChoiceIndex = recordIndex;
            // This is where we sort out the start and end range of our loop
            if(this.firstChoiceIndex > this.secondChoiceIndex) {
                start = this.secondChoiceIndex;
                end = this.firstChoiceIndex;
            } else if(this.secondChoiceIndex > this.firstChoiceIndex) {
                start = this.firstChoiceIndex;
                end = this.secondChoiceIndex;
            // Get all records with indexes at our between "start" and "end"
            var selectedRecords =, end);
            // Add each item to the combo box
            Ext.each(selectedRecords, function(item, index, allitems) {
            // Clear out our selections
            this.firstChoiceIndex = undefined;
            this.secondChoiceIndex = undefined;
            return false;
    } else { // We didn't use shift + click, so behave normally
        this.firstChoiceIndex = undefined;
        this.secondChoiceIndex = undefined;
        return true;

To use this code, just drop it inside thelisteners property of your SuperSelectBox instance and you’re good to go.


There’s a few things that you need to know about this code:

It doesn’t work in FF

Firefox does not support the global window.event object. Right now, I’m not really sure how to get around this, but when I find the solution I’ll update the post.

It fires the additem event for each item it adds to the list

Usually, this wouldn’t be a problem but when you fire an event like this in rapid succession, a race condition might occur (Especially if each call results in an AJAX request). This issue will be resolved in a future update.

You’ll need to modify the CSS

The x-combo-selected-shift differs from x-combo-selected in name only. The reason for this class is to prevent the code from removing the styling from the first and second items you pick once you mouse over other items in the list.


If anybody has any questions about the code or why I did something the way I did, feel free to leave a note in the comments. Happy coding!